Our mission

At “We Are Crazy Enough,” our mission is to transform lives through extraordinary travel experiences that inspire, connect, and empower. We strive to create authentic, life-changing adventures that immerse travelers in the beauty of nature, the richness of diverse cultures, and the thrill of new challenges. By fostering meaningful connections and supporting local communities, we aim to make a positive impact on the world, one journey at a time.

About us

“We Are Crazy Enough” is more than a travel agency—it’s a worldwide movement. Our mission is to inspire personal growth and create unforgettable memories by connecting travelers with extraordinary people and authentic adventures around the world. We are dedicated to crafting extraordinary travel experiences that inspire, challenge, and transform. Our unique blend of authentic cultural interactions, personal connections with inspiring individuals, and thrilling adventures sets us apart in the travel industry. We invite travelers to join our movement, step out of their comfort zones, and create the moments that truly matter.

At “We Are Crazy Enough,” our mission extends beyond providing life-changing travel experiences. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world. During our 400 days of travel across six continents, we encountered inspiring people and projects dedicated to creating meaningful change in their communities. These experiences have profoundly shaped our vision and values, driving us to integrate social purpose into everything we do.

The founders

Our names are Diogo and Isabela, and we were born in Portugal, a beautiful country on the west coast of Europe. We have always been passionate about new experiences and learning with different people. 

In 2016 we met at university, and from being good friends, we became lovers. Traveling, trying new sports, and being in contact with nature are some things we love to do together.

Since the beginning, we’ve been driven by a passion for new experiences and learning from diverse cultures. In 2022, we took the bold step of selling everything we owned to embark on a journey around the world. Our goal was not to travel as tourists but to create something meaningful and inspire others to step out of their comfort zones for personal growth. This led us to establish the “We Are Crazy Enough” movement, where we brought together inspiring individuals from around the globe to share their stories and challenged ourselves with exhilarating and unique experiences worldwide.

For over 400 days, we traveled to 6 continents and completed more than 100 unique challenges. From skydiving and surfing to learning Kung Fu with Shaolin Monks in China, climbing towering mountains, and immersing ourselves in indigenous cultures, each experience was transformative for us. We also connected with Paralympic champions, Everest conquerors, and activists advocating for women’s rights, each encounter reinforcing our belief in human resilience and determination.

Now, after this incredible journey, we’re excited to offer you these life-changing experiences through our travel agency company. By taking this next step, we will be able to inspire even more people through the crazy enough spirit and continue to help projects that are making a difference in the world. We are excited to meet you, so that you can join our crazy enough family and that together we can live unforgettable experiences!

We did +100 Unique Experiences Worldwide

By stepping out of our comfort zones and embracing the most exhilarating and unique experiences, we aimed to push our limits and discover our true potential, while traveling the world. These challenges, whether skydiving, mountain climb with a Cholita Escaladora, or training with the famous Shaolin Monks, were opportunities for personal growth, teaching us valuable lessons and making us stronger. Each experience reinforced the idea that growth comes from facing our fears and pushing beyond perceived boundaries.

We met +50 Inspiring People Worldwide

Our path crossed with some of the most inspiring individuals one could ever hope to meet. Paralympic champions who defied physical limitations to achieve greatness, climbers who conquered the formidable heights of Everest, and activists fighting tirelessly for women’s rights in India. Each person we met embodied the spirit of being CRAZY ENOUGH — enough to dream, enough to persevere, enough to make a difference.

Our values

Respect and positive impact

Respect for cultures, communities, and the environment is fundamental to our approach. We honor the traditions and practices of the places we visit, and we strive to engage with empathy and understanding. Our interactions are guided by a deep appreciation for diversity and a commitment to ethical travel.

Supportive Community

We are committed to building a global community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for adventure and making a difference. Our travelers become part of the “We Are Crazy Enough” family, forging lifelong connections and contributing to a supportive network of changemakers. 

We also aim to empower both our travelers and the communities we visit. By supporting local projects and initiatives, we help create opportunities for growth and development. We also encourage our travelers to discover their own potential and achieve personal growth through our transformative experiences.

Authenticity and Sustainability

We believe in genuine experiences that allow travelers to truly connect with the people and places they visit. Our expeditions are designed to provide authentic cultural immersion, real-life adventures, and sincere interactions with local communities.

We prioritize responsible travel practices that minimize our environmental footprint and support the conservation of natural habitats. Our expeditions are designed to respect wildlife, preserve ecosystems, and promote sustainable tourism.

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