Our Social Purpose

We aim to empower both our travelers and the communities we visit. By supporting local projects and initiatives, we help create opportunities for growth and development. We also encourage our travelers to discover their own potential and achieve personal growth through our transformative experiences.

We are commited to making a positive impact on the world

At “We Are Crazy Enough,” our mission extends beyond providing life-changing travel experiences. We are deeply committed to making a positive impact on the world. During our 400 days of travel across six continents, we encountered inspiring people and projects dedicated to creating meaningful change in their communities. These experiences have profoundly shaped our vision and values, driving us to integrate social purpose into everything we do.

When you travel with “We Are Crazy Enough,” you are not just embarking on a personal journey; you are joining a movement to create a better world. Each expedition is an opportunity to engage with and support local communities, learn from their resilience and innovation, and contribute to their growth and sustainability.

At “We Are Crazy Enough,” we are passionate about creating a world where travel enriches both the traveler and the destination. We invite you to join us in this mission. Together, we can explore the world, support inspiring initiatives, and build a better future for all.

Hands-On Involvement

Ongoing Commitment

Many of our expeditions include opportunities to visit and help these projects. Whether it’s participating in a community workshop or visiting inspiring projects, you’ll see firsthand how your support makes a difference.

Our support doesn’t end with your trip. We maintain long-term partnerships with the projects we endorse, ensuring sustained impact and growth. We keep our travelers updated on the progress and achievements of these initiatives, fostering a continuous connection.

Inspiring stories worldwide

Our path crossed with some of the most inspiring individuals one could ever hope to meet. Paralympic champions who defied physical limitations to achieve greatness, climbers who conquered the formidable heights of Everest, and activists fighting tirelessly for women’s rights in India. Each person we met embodied the spirit of being CRAZY ENOUGH — enough to dream, enough to persevere, enough to make a difference.

Some "Crazy Enough" projects
we visited while traveling the world

Senda Verde, Bolivia

Senda Verde, meaning “green path”, was established in 2003 within the subtropical region eastern flank of the Bolivian Andes in South America.

Recognizing the pressing need to protect the natural world, the co-founders, Vicky and Marcelo, resolved to take action, devoting their time, energy, and resources to this crucial, holistic endeavor.

Known for their profound love of animals and nature, Vicky and Marcelo embarked on their journey by rescuing their first orphaned capuchin monkey in 2003. Since then, they have nurtured thousands of animals back to health, responding to the increasing number of creatures brought to the sanctuary’s doorstep over the years.

Today, their unwavering commitment and passion have inspired a dedicated group of staff and volunteers to join in their noble cause.

Orquestra Mare do Amanhã, Brazil

On January 16, 1999, a blue car with blood stains is abandoned on a street near the Maré Favela Complex. The DAS (Anti-Kidnapping Division) investigators concluded, after a few days, that there, in that region, lived the killer of Maestro Armando Prazeres, who was driving the vehicle the day before and had been kidnapped in the neighborhood of Laranjeiras, Rio de Janeiro.

What no one could imagine is that this painful episode would bring to Maré a man who would change the lives of children and teenagers in the region. Carlos Eduardo Prazeres, the maestro’s son, would decide to start one of the most important life-changing projects through music there, inspired by his father’s work.

Choosing the region was Carlos Eduardo’s way of turning a painful page in his life. Where they interrupted Armando Prazeres’ dream of bringing music to communities, Carlos Eduardo Prazeres made it reborn.

Created in August 2010, the Orquestra Maré do Ajante Project teaches classical music to children and teenagers from one of the most violent favelas in Rio de Janeiro.

Accid Atack Survivors, India

One of the most vicious forms of violence is happening in India: Acid Attacks. An acid attack is possibly the worst infliction on another human, leading to complete debilitation, loss of income and opportunity, and even social sequestration. But these brave women have conquered immense pain and social shaming and proved that it is impossible to erode someone’s resilience.

Before 2013, acid attacks were not considered a crime in India. Alok realized this problem and, together with some brave survivors of acid attacks, launched a national campaign to raise awareness and created a foundation that reached out to hundreds of victims and began to assist them with treatment, legal aid, and rehabilitation. After the impactful campaign, the Indian Penal Code was modified for the first time to add regulations tailored to acid attacks.

The foundation brings justice to the survivors, provides them access to medical recovery, and empowers them by teaching them new skills, like learning English and computer technologies, so they have the confidence to be part of society, regardless of what happened to them. 

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