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Senda Verde: A Sanctuary Rescuing Bolivia's Wildlife from
Illegal Trafficking and Habitat Destruction

As part of our We Are Crazy Enough movement, we aim to uncover and share inspiring stories from around the world. The incredible work of Senda Verde resonated deeply with our mission. We decided to visit and volunteer at the sanctuary for one week, dedicating our time to help create marketing content to support their cause. This experience allowed us to witness firsthand the dedication and hard work that goes into running such an impactful sanctuary.  

The Birth of a Sanctuary

In the heart of Bolivia, a sanctuary stands as a testament to the power of compassion and the fight against illegal wildlife trafficking. Senda Verde Animal Sanctuary, founded by Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy, is a safe haven for rescued wild animals, offering them a second chance at life.

The story of Senda Verde began with a vision shared by Vicky and Marcelo: to create a refuge for animals victimized by illegal trafficking and habitat destruction. Known for their profound love of animals and nature, Vicky and Marcelo embarked on their journey by rescuing their first orphaned capuchin monkey in 2003. Since then, they have nurtured thousands of animals back to health, responding to the increasing number of creatures brought to the sanctuary’s doorstep over the years. Today, their unwavering commitment and passion have inspired a dedicated group of staff and volunteers to join in their noble cause.

photo by @wearecrazyenough with vicky and marcelo, the founders of senda verde

photo by @wearecrazyenough – marcelo, the founder of senda verde, with a special connection with a monkey

A Safe Haven for Wildlife

Senda Verde is home to a remarkable variety of animals, including monkeys, big cats, birds, and other wildlife that have been rescued from dire situations. The sanctuary provides not only a safe environment but also the care and rehabilitation these animals need to recover from their traumatic pasts.

Vicky and Marcelo’s dedication to protecting endangered animals is truly inspiring. Their tireless efforts ensure that each animal at Senda Verde receives the attention and care necessary for their well-being. From medical treatment to social integration within the sanctuary, every aspect of the animals’ recovery is meticulously overseen.

Each year, the sanctuary takes in over 100 animals – many orphaned and in need of around-the-clock care and feeding. Senda Verde is  home to more than 1000 permanent wildlife residents, whose stories are shared during guided visits, which can be scheduled year-round. Additionally, Senda Verde educates and inspires the public about co-existing with wildlife, and provide humane solutions for wildlife-related issues.

photo by @wearecrazyenough in senda verde, helping with footages of a jaguar

photo by @wearecrazyenough in senda verde

photo by @wearecrazyenough in senda verde with a monkey that had just been found and sent to Senda Verde, because it had been taken from its mother to be domesticated

Click here to see the video of vicky and marcelo for @wearecrazyenough

Combatting Illegal
Wildlife Trafficking

Illegal wildlife trafficking is a pervasive issue that poses a significant threat to global biodiversity. Senda Verde’s work is crucial in addressing this problem. By rescuing and rehabilitating animals that have fallen prey to traffickers, Vicky and Marcelo are making a tangible impact on wildlife conservation.

The sanctuary’s commitment to conservation and animal welfare serves as a model for others. Vicky and Marcelo not only provide immediate care for the animals but also work to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife. Their efforts extend beyond the sanctuary, advocating for stronger protections and policies to combat wildlife trafficking.


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The story of Senda Verde is a light of hope and a call to action. It reminds us that with dedication, passion, and collective effort, we can make a difference in the fight against wildlife trafficking. Vicky and Marcelo’s work inspires us all to commit ourselves to protecting and preserving the natural world.

Thank you, Vicky Ossio and Marcelo Levy, for your unwavering commitment to wildlife conservation. Your work at Senda Verde is a shining example of what can be achieved through passion and dedication. We were truly inspired by our time volunteering with you, and we left Bolivia with a renewed commitment to protecting our planet’s incredible wildlife.

For more information and to support Senda Verde, visit their social media page @senda_verde and join the movement to make a positive impact on our planet’s wildlife.

photo by @wearecrazyenough in senda verde

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