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The 4-Time Paralympian Champion Who Proves That Nothing Is Impossible
arly velázquez

Our encounter with Arly in Ciudad de Mexico was not just a chance meeting but a moment of profound inspiration. His story touched our hearts and resonated with people around the world, garnering over 400K views on our Instagram. His fearlessness, determination, and zest for life are contagious, leaving an indelible mark on all who hear his story. 

From Tragedy to Triumph

At the age of 13, Arly’s life took an unexpected turn when a mountain biking accident left him with a broken spinal cord. While many would have been consumed by despair, Arly’s spirit remained unyielding. Instead of letting his injury define him, he chose to redefine what was possible.

A Journey of Ambition and Sacrifice

Arly’s ambition knew no bounds. Determined to pursue his passion for skiing, he sold his car, liquidated his possessions, and invested his savings into mono-skiing. Against all odds, his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellence paid off when he represented Mexico in the Winter Paralympic Games, not once, but four times.

Diogo and Isabela with Arly Velazquez in Mexico City – photo by @wearecrazyenough

Facing Adversity Head-On

However, Arly’s journey was not without its challenges. A terrifying accident during the 2014 Paralympic Games in Sochi brought him to the brink of death. The road to recovery was long and arduous, marked by surgery and physical setbacks that tested his resolve. Yet, through it all, Arly refused to be defeated.

Despite facing setbacks that would have discouraged even the strongest of individuals, Arly refused to let go of his dreams. With unwavering determination, he embarked on a journey of rehabilitation and self-discovery. The ghosts of the past haunted him, but they only fueled his determination to succeed. After nearly losing his life, Arly returned to the slopes, stronger and more determined than ever.

arly velazquez as a child, before the mountain biking accident

arly velazquez – @wearecrazyenough photo

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A Story of
Inspiration and Hope

Arly Velazquez’s story is an inspiration for us all. It’s a reminder that no matter how daunting the challenge, no obstacle is too great to overcome. His resilience, courage, and unyielding spirit serve as a powerful example of what can be achieved when we refuse to accept limitations.

Arly Velazquez’s journey is a testament to the power of the human spirit. It’s a reminder that with passion, perseverance, and unwavering belief in oneself, anything is possible. Thank you, Arly, for being a shining example of resilience, hope, and boundless possibility. Your journey inspires us all to reach for the stars and never give up on our dreams.

Arly became a good friend and welcomed us with open arms at his home in Mexico City. Together with his friends, they gave us one of our favorite days of our world travel.

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