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Surviving and Thriving:
The Inspiring Stories of Acid Attack Survivors in India

During our world travels with the ‘We Are Crazy Enough’ movement, we sought out inspiring individuals who defy the odds and make a difference in their communities. When we learned about the incredible work being done to support acid attack survivors in India, we knew we had to connect with them. Their stories of resilience, courage, and empowerment resonated deeply with our mission to share inspiring stories from around the world

The Reality of Acid Attacks

One of the most vicious forms of violence occurs in India: acid attacks. These attacks leave victims with devastating injuries, leading to physical debilitation, loss of income, and social isolation. However, the survivors of these heinous crimes refuse to be defined by their scars.

A Movement for Change

Before 2013, acid attacks were not considered a crime in India. Recognizing this grave injustice, people like Alok Dixit stepped forward. Together with courageous survivors of acid attacks, they launched a national campaign to raise awareness and advocate for change. Their efforts led to modifications in the Indian Penal Code, providing better legal protection for survivors and harsher penalties for perpetrators.

Diogo and Isabela with acid attacks survivors in New Delhi – photo by @wearecrazyenough

Empowerment Through Rehabilitation

The foundation not only seeks justice for survivors but also provides critical support for their recovery and rehabilitation. They offer access to medical treatment, legal aid, and skills training to empower survivors to rebuild their lives. Through initiatives like learning English and computer technologies, survivors gain confidence and independence, reclaiming their rightful place in society.

During our world travels with the We Are Crazy Enough movement, we had the privilege of meeting these incredible survivors. We visited two remarkable places: the Rehabilitation Centre in Noida, Delhi, and Sheroes Hangout Cafe in Agra, the country’s first café managed and run by acid attack survivors.

accid attack survivor – photo by @wearecrazyenough

accid attack survivors signing We Are Crazy Enough flag – photo by @wearecrazyenough

accid attack survivors in Noida – photo by @wearecrazyenough

accid attack survivors in New Delhi – photo by @wearecrazyenough

accid attack survivors in New Delhi – photo by @wearecrazyenough

Alok Dixit signing We Are Crazy Enough flag in New Delhi – photo by @wearecrazyenough

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From Victims to

It’s impossible to describe the incredible energy and warmth we experienced from these courageous women and and all the Chhanv Foundation team. They refused to be seen as victims; instead, they are survivors who have not let this traumatic event define their lives. Many of them hold regular jobs, and some are even influencers who inspire others on social media.

Our time spent with these survivors left us deeply inspired. Their radiant joy and unwavering spirit in the face of adversity are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Despite the unimaginable pain they’ve endured, they exude strength, hope, and a determination to thrive.


A Heartfelt Thank You

To all the survivors, thank you for welcoming us into your lives and sharing your stories. You are an inspiration to us all, and we leave India with hearts full of admiration and pride. Your courage, resilience, and unwavering spirit remind us that no matter the challenges we face, we can rise above them and create a brighter future.

The stories of acid attack survivors in India remind us of the power of resilience, compassion, and the human spirit. Through their strength and determination, they have turned their pain into power and become beacons of hope for countless others. As we continue our journey, we carry their stories with us, forever inspired by their courage and resilience.

Diogo and Isabela at Sheroes Hangout Cafe Agra, india with acid attack survivors – photo by @wearecrazyenough

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