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A journey across the globe to inspire people to be “Crazy Enough” to think and act differently.

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@wearecrazyenough Recap of the last two months of our adventure traveling the world ⚡️🌎 We sold everything to travel the world in search of the craziest people and experiences. #fy #fyp #travelaroundtheworld #travel #adventuretravel ♬ original sound - Diogo & Isabela
what is the movement @wearecrazyenough ?

@wearecrazyenough is a movement that aims to inspire people to be “Crazy Enough” to think and act differently in order to achieve great things.

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We will depart from Portugal, and the first destination of our trip around the world will be Brazil. We already have a pre-defined roadmap for the whole trip; however, as our primary goal is to spread the @wearecrazyenough movement, changes may have to be made. The journey will end when we achieve our objective: “To take the movement to 6 continents and more than 20 countries.” Follow us on our social networks to also be part of this movement and to see the incredible experiences we will have in the four corners of the world.

For a person and/or organization to be considered “Crazy Enough”, they must have the following characteristics:

1) Inspiring;
2) Committed;
2) Visionary;
4) Adventurous.

For an action to be considered “Crazy Enough” it must have the following characteristics:

1) It’s inspiring or Remarkable;
2) It’s out of the ordinary, goes against the status quo;
3) It overcomes a significant personal challenge and/or creates a solution to an important problem;
4) It has a positive impact on the life of a person and/or community;
5) It requires a great deal of courage.

Throughout our journeys, we realized that our most different decisions were the ones that provided us with the best experiences. The desire to meet more people who think differently and also to inspire others to do the same led us to, one day, ask each other: are we crazy enough to spread this message around the world, leaving everything behind?

For us, this trip is much more than Diogo and Isabela’s trip. We aim to create a movement that inspires people to be “Crazy Enough” to pursue their dreams and change the world in their own way. If this adventure somehow inspires you to be crazy enough to think and act differently in order to accomplish an important achievement in your life, then our mission has been well succeeded. Because we believe that you don’t need to be crazy to do remarkable things. You just need to be “Crazy Enough.

Our main objective is: To take the @wearecrazyenough movement to 6 continents and more than 20 countries.

We believe that for this movement to have a real impact on people, 4 fundamental actions will be necessary:
1) Find people and organizations who are already “Crazy Enough” and share their stories;
2) Encourage people to be “Crazy Enough”, challenging people all over the world to take “Crazy Enough” actions;
3) Challenge ourselves to carry out “Crazy Enough” actions, being genuine ambassadors of the philosophy “Crazy Enough”;
4) Apply the 3 previous actions in different parts of the world with different cultures, beliefs, and habits, to make the movement as international and complete as possible.

This movement aims to be a bridge between people who are already “Crazy Enough” and those who are yet to become.

All stories and adventures will be documented and shared on our social media through short, creative, and dynamic content.
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We have been preparing for this trip for a while and will finance it entirely. For this to be viable, we had to make a tight savings plan, and we decided to sell all our material possessions, like our car and furniture. We decided to change our mindset and focus more on our experiences and less on our physical materials, staying only with what brings us true value. We planned the entire trip, considering the money we had saved. This doesn’t make sense to many people, and some call us crazy. Something that had already happened to us when we launched a book or even when we created our marketing company. You already know our answer to those people… We are not crazy. We’re just crazy enough to leave everything behind and embark on the greatest experience of our lives. 

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During our world trip, we will allow you to vote on some of the "Crazy Enough" experiences we will do in each country and invite you to help us to discover people "Crazy Enough" in all parts of the world.


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We don't want this to be Diogo and Isabela's movement. We want this to be the movement of everyone and for everyone. Share your "Crazy Enough" stories with us or follow us simply to be inspired by the stories of our community.


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If you know someone who is "Crazy Enough" or if you consider yourself a "Crazy Enough" person, send an email to team@wearecrazyenough.com with your story and justify why you or the person you recommend is "Crazy Enough". We will select the best stories and share them on the movement’s social networks. We look forward to reading what you have for us.

"The people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

Steve Jobs
Founder Apple Inc
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how we will spread the movement @wearecrazyenough?

people crazy enough

We will travel the world, across 6 continents, to meet amazing people and projects worldwide. We'll meet with non-profits, innovative companies, and amazing people who are crazy enough to believe that great things happen when they think and act differently. We believe this movement is not just for those who are creating great solutions for the world or who have achieved notable success in their lives. Therefore, we will also create content on the streets with random people from different countries to tell us stories of where they dared to think and make different decisions and how that impacted their lives.

experiences crazy enough

As founders of this movement, one of the pillars we defined to spread @wearecrazyenough is to carry out "Crazy Enough" experiences and apply the philosophy that great things happen when we think and act differently. We are sure there will be many opportunities to be "Crazy Enough" around the globe, and we are ready to take and share those unique experiences worldwide.

@wearecrazyenough Art is one of the main vehicles for expressing our convictions, passions, and our view of the world. In a country surrounded by art, where graffiti has played, and continues to play, a vital role in claiming rights and conveying important messages to society, we couldn't miss the opportunity to leave our mark on Chile through graffiti. It's so cool to know that our project, which started in Portugal with two crazy people, is on a wall in Chile, telling people that IT IS WORTH BEING CRAZY, BECAUSE WITHOUT CRAZY PEOPLE, THE WORLD WOULDN'T MOVE FORWARD!!! Damn!!!! How good it is to be crazy!!!! ❤️ #fyp #fy #grafitti #art #crazyexperiences #crazyexperience #streetart ♬ original sound - Diogo & Isabela

about us

Meet diogo and isabela

Our names are Diogo and Isabela, and we were born in Portugal, a beautiful country on the west coast of Europe. We have always been passionate about new experiences and learning with different people.

Creativity was present early in Isabela's life through visual arts and sports. At just three years old, she started practicing gymnastics, a sport that she competed in and was part of her daily life for over 16 years. In 2016, when she was 18 years old, she started her Business Management degree at the University. During this period, she developed a passion for marketing and the digital world, where she had the opportunity to represent several brands on social media.

Diogo left his family very young to pursue his childhood dream: to be a football player. In his teen years, he played for big clubs, such as Sporting Clube de Portugal. The dream of being a football player wasn’t possible to come true. Later on, he decided to focus on his university studies. This decision opened the doors for the entrepreneurship and business world, which became a new passion for him. In 2018, at 22, he wrote his book “A Finta de uma Vida” (” The Feint of a Lifetime”), recounting the lessons he learned in football and how he applied them in the real world. Several international football players and coaches have supported the book.

In 2016 we met at university, and from being good friends, we became lovers. Traveling, trying new sports, and being in contact with nature are some things we love to do together. Marketing is another passion we share, so in 2019 we created our first company, a marketing agency in Portugal. It was our first job right after we finished our degrees. We worked with amazing clients and learned A LOT!

Throughout our journeys, we realized that our most different decisions were the ones that provided us with the best experiences. The desire to meet more people who think differently and inspire others to do the same led us to ask each other: Are we crazy enough to spread this message around the world, leaving everything behind? And that’s how the movement @WeAreCrazyEnough was born!

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All the content we will produce for social networks will be short, creative, and dynamic. For this reason, it won't be easy to pass on all the valuable information that each experience and contact with different people and organizations brings us. So, we decided to create a Youtube Channel to share with you everything we learned and our inspirations in each experience on this trip worldwide. We will also create content about "Crazy Enough" experiences in each country so you can enjoy them when you decide to travel with friends or even alone. We look forward to your visit and your comments on our channel.

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Join our community and we'll send you an email once a month with the summary of all the contents and experiences of that month. In our newsletter we will also integrate a true story of one of our followers who decided to be "Crazy Enough". If you want to be that story send us an email to team@wearecrazyenough.com with your story and justify why you are a "Crazy Enough" person. We look forward to reading what you have for us.

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